Einstein - ReYep
The king of quantum physics. birth(14 March 1879 Ulm Germany) died (April 18, 1955 New Jersey, USA)
He made groundbreaking discoveries on subjects such as time, space, gravity, relativity. German (later American (1940) ) physicist who explained the relationship between matter and energy as e = mc2
He said (it is said that he said) that the biggest mistake he made was to send a letter to the president of the time talking about the feasibility of the atomic bomb.
He has repeatedly stated that he finds existing organized religions absurd. einstein stated that he mostly admires nature and its perfect functioning, and since this attitude is not very rational, he defined it as religion.
He only works until noon. It is said that he wanders and dusts in the afternoons. So you don't need to work very hard to split the atom..
He had an affair with his secretary. This brother of ours was a little (maybe a little more) flirtatious
Let's define a as success in life, then a = x + y + z'; x is work, y is play, z is knowing how to keep your mouth shut.

There is no honest politician who is rumbling with hunger.

What I wouldn't give for it to be an island of wise and well-meaning people; Even I would be patriotic if there was such a place.

But a life lived for others is a life worth living.

The greatest proof of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

You cannot prepare for war and prevent war at the same time.

perseverance is invaluable: "I succeed not because I am very clever, but because I have not stopped tackling problems."

I keep a trusted secret like a holy relic, but I try not to know the secrets as much as I can.

Don't work to be a successful man, but rather work to be an important man.

some men try to understand women, others devote themselves to simpler subjects, such as the theory of relativity.

I discovered the atom for the benefit of humanity. but people are killing each other with atoms.

I have no worries for the future. it comes fast enough.

Knowledge comes from experience: "Knowledge is not knowledge. The only way to know is to experience."

computers are fast but very stupid people are very smart but slow.