skyler white - ReYep
Wife of Walter White(Bryan Cranston) in the TV series Breaking Bad. The character played by Anna Gunn.

Without giving too much away, let's just say her journey adds a whole new layer of intensity to the Breaking Bad saga. Buckle up, because the twists and turns are wild, and you'll need to hit play to get the full scoop!
Walter might have dipped his toes in some shady dealings, but at least he didn't plan on turning his hard-earned cash into a villainous money stew. No, sir, he had the decency to say, "When I kick the bucket, let them not go hungry and penniless." Now, as for our character over here, I bet the scriptwriters crafted a punishment that makes even accountants cringe — and you know accountants are only afraid of two things: unbalanced books and a world without spreadsheets!