Hellsing - ReYep
Hellsing institution, dedicated to vampire hunting, unfolds its captivating tales through a melodious Japanese animated series featuring the enigmatic vampire hunter Alucard. Set amidst the backdrop of London, England, the organization operates under the dual banners of both the divine and the royal monarchy. Originally adhering to the Protestant faith, they collaborate seamlessly with contemporary knights of the Circular Table. However, their Protestant identity and the inclusion of vampires within their ranks strain relations with the Vatican, occasionally escalating into outright confrontations.Alucard's unorthodox immortality, paired with his arsenal of enchanted 13-millimeter silver-laden explosive bullets, make him an unparalleled force in the supernatural realm. The series weaves a tapestry of intrigue, entwining elements of gothic mystique and action-packed drama, all set against the historical and supernatural tapestry of Hellsing's world.