Tech Determinism - ReYep
tech determinism is the idea that technology shapes our society and culture, almost like it has a mind of its own. Like, remember the time when we thought social media was all about connecting people, and now it's about cat memes and influencers ruling the world? Tech changes the game, and we're just along for the ride. It's a wild rollercoaster, and I'm here for it!
technological determinism is this idea that tech just does its thing, marching forward with its own logic of making stuff faster, better, and cooler. It's like your favorite superhero with its own agenda, reshaping society and culture without asking for permission. Who needs supervillains when we've got tech, right?

And speaking of Veblen (Thorstein Veblen) , that guy was like the tech guru of his time, envisioning how gadgets and gizmos would shake up society. He was our OG tech nerd, but he didn't have the luxury of emojis to express his excitement.
The "Smart" Fridge Mishap:
Once upon a time, a family decided to embrace the age of smart appliances and purchased a "smart" refrigerator with an integrated touchscreen. The fridge was equipped with advanced features like a voice-activated assistant and the ability to suggest recipes based on the items stored inside. The family was excited about their high-tech addition to the kitchen.

One day, while hosting a dinner party, the family proudly showcased their new smart fridge to the guests. As they demonstrated its capabilities, the fridge suddenly started suggesting a recipe based on the ingredients inside. However, it got the ingredients completely wrong, recommending a bizarre combination of foods. The guests burst into laughter, and the family realized that sometimes, even the smartest of technology can't outdo good old human intuition in the kitchen.