orphaned land - ReYep
You know, making songs about "peace, brotherhood," it's not an easy task. The real challenge is, despite all the pressure, being able to call for "all is one" even in tough times when your country is engaged in slaughter, and dealing with the reactions you'll get, all while still advocating for peace and ceasefire.

Now, let's talk about Orphaned Land – a real dead end. Staying silent on those killed by the Palestinian side, helping army personnel, and sharing pictures on their Instagram accounts while carrying Humus to soldiers, and then responding to fans who ask, "Won't you say something for the Palestinians?" with an unequivocal "Will you say something for the Israelis?" It's a classic case of whataboutism.

We mentioned something about Israel, but what does listening to Orphaned Land have to do with a guy harboring hatred towards Jews? Hamas is a disgrace, but while Nakba 2.0 is happening and people continue to die, the focus should be more than just Israeli citizens; it should be on what's happening right now.

When bombs stronger than two atomic bombs have rained down on those types trapped in their corner, I won't be sorry for the hurt feelings of antisemitic idiots who won't let you into their stores (they even posted this on Instagram). What's the deal with that?

This group that makes beautiful songs, supposedly intelligent and wise, a silent war cry group. It's a disappointment for the listeners who took them seriously and attached meanings to their songs for so many years. And with the word I brought from the 1700s to today, this situation is truly a "quagmire," like a swamp you can't easily get out of.

"All Is One"

We're the orphans from the holy land, the tears of Jerusalem
And in darkness we have prayed and swore to rise up once again

We are the sons of the blazing sun
Sharing our faith through the barrel of a gun
Walk on holy water yet we burn
Brothers of the orient stand as one

An ancient promise in an orphaned land
A clenched fist becomes an open hand
Armed forces spill their blood on holy sands
Again and again we fail to see that all is one

Words like venom through our veins they run
Weaving a web of deception hope is gone
Shall we re-live the pain of wars before?
Or shall we be the light, the new folklore?

Evil falls on each of us, there's nothing new
Who cares if you're a Muslim or a Jew
The awakened ones are nothing but a few
And the one to make the difference now is you

From the Middle Eastern lands we ride, all children of Abraham
Our only sword, the light within, that burns as bright as sun
Wer're the orphans from the Holy Land, the keepers of Or-Shalem
So we bow to you our warriors for being simple men