German Blocked Account for International Students - Reyep
Blocked German account, the person applying for a visa to study in Germany must transfer at least 10,332 euros to prove that they have the means to finance themselves during their first year of study. The entire amount will be blocked in the bank until the student arrives in Germany. There is a usage limit after it comes. After stepping into Germany, a student can withdraw a maximum of 861 Euros per month. If you say that I will spend more monthly, this is not enough for me, an amount higher than 10,332 Euros must be blocked in the blocked accounts.
The account is opened in 10-15 days. After depositing the money, it takes about 5-6 days to get the confirmation ('Good Job ! '). This process takes around 20 days in total. (it may take 20-21 days if you take into account the weekends)
Required documents: blocked account application forms (available on the consulate website), current passport, your birth certificate, your acceptance certificate from the school. Although deutsche bank looks more professional, the process takes too long and the visa may be late. Actually, this account can be opened from any bank. Call the branches of the banks in your own country in Germany, most of them have branches in Germany, you may have a chance to call and speak in your own language. Call me, but you can easily get your money from the ATM with a debit card from the bank in Germany (with a few clicks). My advice is don't go to Germany with a debit card from your home country. I do not know how many years you will read this article, but money transfer between countries is always a problem. I would say never try to withdraw the money in your bank account in your own country from Germany.