Opposition to Technology - ReYep
Opposition to technology, mate, is a fundamental belief down under in the anarcho-primitivist scene. These folks reckon that technology, particularly the high-tech gizmos and gadgets, has caused all sorts of problems for society and our environment.

Here are a few key points about their tech stance with a bit of Aussie flavor:

Tech Determinism: Anarcho-primitivists often see technology as having a real stranglehold on society, meaning it's calling the shots and shaping our behavior, not the other way around. They argue that tech, especially the fancy modern gear, helps keep these hierarchical and oppressive systems ticking.

Civilization Rubbish: They reckon that the rise of complex technology is linked with the growth of civilization, which they reckon is nothing but a troublemaker, causing all sorts of problems and wrecking the environment. They see tech as a real driver behind big, hierarchical societies that have caused a fair dinkum mess with social inequalities and environmental damage.

Feeling Disconnected, Mate: Anarcho-primitivists argue that technology makes folks feel disconnected, especially from the natural world. It's all because of jobs getting specialized and folks becoming too dependent on technology.

Eco Worries, Right?: They're dead serious about the environment. They think technology stuffs things up with pollution, using up all our resources, and messing with our wildlife. They reckon technology is all about chasing efficiency, but it often ends up making a mess of our environment.

Back-to-Nature Dreamin': Anarcho-primitivists reckon we should go back to a simpler way of life, one where we're not so caught up in the tech whirlwind. They're all about people getting closer to the land, living off the grid, and lowering their environmental footprint.

Sticking It to the Man: Some of these folks think the only way to make change is to take radical action. They're all for sabotaging technology and the big systems that support it.

Now, remember, mate, this opposition to technology is a real deep philosophical belief, and not everyone's on board with it. Some reckon it's a bit extreme, and that we can't just chuck out all technology. But that's the way these anarcho-primitivists see things, down under.