russian oligarchs - ReYep
In the transition from the communist order to the free economic order, the first to accumulate wealth definitely finds the opportunity to commit some tyranny. In other words, bullying can be ignored in system changes and these tyrants may be the group that has the fastest access to money and collect the wealth to fast.

While these people are getting richer quickly, they can also establish good relations with the managers of the new system. System administrators can ensure that the new system, which is not fully settled, does not handle or they knowingly delay the formation of the control mechanisms. The new generation of billionaires, who control extremely large fortunes in 10-20 years, may now be in a position to direct the system as they wish and even to determine the system administrators themselves.

One day, if the control mechanisms of the justice system, in general, the mechanisms that the state should work as they should, such people will be cleaned, but for this, a few generations of the new system must sit down and all classes must act together from the bottom up.

Such formations are seen not only in Russia, but also in many countries around it.