quirks and traits of cats - Reyep
silly eating habits, especially from cat to cat (some like vegetables, some cheese, some chicken, some rice)

devote all their being to catching the little things that move.

they can take the shape of the head they are in while they sleep (liquid ? ) they can turn in completely opposite directions between their front axle and rear arch

Being surprised and afraid of the things (ball of string, box, plastic bag) that they have moved (by hitting them with their front feet) as if they had not moved but those objects had moved by themselves.

going crazy by climbing the walls inside the house without seeing but just feeling that a bird or a squirrel or a mouse down the street is there.
pretending to understand what is being said to them only when they feel like it or when they see fit,
Everything they do is actually strange to us humans, otherwise what they do in a very natural cat's world.

For example, waving a tail can be a sign of happiness or anger.

Rubbing a person's feet, means I trust you can you give me food? Or can we play (if it's a small cat)?

jumping on hanging objects such as necklaces, earrings and threads are the actions they take to satisfy their hunting instincts.

and scratching, biting their nails, or scratching carpets is purely a product of their desire to bury their excrement.

The desire to sleep on places such as computers, adapters or car engines is purely because they like to sleep in warm places.