Putin's intercontinental ballistic (also nuclear) missile threat - Reyep
Putin said he had successfully tested the intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat", which would make Russia "think twice" about its enemies.

Let's say the world here thought twice, what will change? Will they say, "We were so scared, we are withdrawing our support for Ukraine"?

If Putin is playing his nuclear trump card, perhaps this is an indication that his situation is very tight.
Putin has thousands of (5000+) nuclear missiles, all of them with very up-to-date technologies. A larger nuclear power does not exist in another country in the world or even if all nato comes together. With just the push of a button, he can blast off intercontinental. If Putin wanted, NATO would only exist in the history books.
Although the threat seems a little ineffective. Even though we don't know if he can fire it or not. Even though I don't know if we're going to live Einstein's quote (einstein quote about world war 3) such a threat will not have much effect if we think putin can't even besiege Kiev .