Mercedes Jump Mode Urban Usage - ReYep
I can't help but gush about my favorite feature in any Mercedes-Benz vehicle – the E-Active Body Control.
At its core, this system harnesses the vehicle's 48-volt electrical system to perform a feat of pure engineering wizardry. It individually controls each wheel in real-time, ensuring that you have a smoother, more comfortable ride. No more jolts and bumps from road imperfections or pesky potholes
But it doesn't stop there. Activate the system in curve mode within the driving assistant, and you're in for a treat. As your Mercedes glides through those winding roads, the vehicle leans just the right way to make you forget it's such a big beast. It's like magic – the vehicle feels incredibly agile, and you're the tech-savvy magician behind the wheel.

Now, let's talk about the off-road assistant, which is where the real fun begins. In the mercedes gls equipped with E-Active Body Control, you can seamlessly switch to off-road mode by selecting dynamic select. Next, raise the vehicle's position with the air suspension through the drive assistant. Then, simply shift into drive – but remember, your foot should be on the brake.

Once you're all set, it's time to engage the off-road assistant on the dashboard and hit recovery mode. Cue the action music, and you're ready for an off-road adventure like no other. It's like having a trusted co-pilot that's always got your back.

But that's not all; here comes the pièce de résistance – individual wheel control. With a few taps on the screen, you can select which part of the car to drop, essentially giving you control over each wheel's height. This feature is a lifesaver when you're navigating challenging off-road terrain, ensuring the perfect balance of the center of gravity while tackling those rough patches.
It is called e-active body control. Watch this clip to see why Mercedes developed this feature at first place.


It's an optional feature available in Mercedes GLS models, primarily designed to help the vehicle navigate through challenging terrains like sand and mud. I highly doubt Mercedes would develop such a feature with the intention of impressing young people trying to impress girls at the club.
Who would dare to take a Mercedes E SUV through so much mud and sand, and get stuck with no one around to help? The last resort is to jump! It seems like a one-in-a-trillion possibility.
Mercedes has developed a jump mode to rescue vehicles in certain types of road situations. However, the urban application of this mode differs significantly.