Kelly McGillis - ReYep
It's interesting how Top Gun despite turning everything it touched into gold, elevating numerous actors from minor roles, and yet, at the pinnacle, Kelly McGillis is still remembered as Charlie even nearly two decades later. Of course, while recounting this story, we must not forget Carrie Fisher, who had experienced a similar fate.
If I remember correctly, after Top Gun she had made one or two more films, and within a couple of years, he was assaulted and sexually assaulted by a fan, which I recall led to him taking a break from cinema with that significant trauma in the late '80s. He also got married to her girlfriend. Being in a relationship with women must have taken quite a toll on women. The last time I saw her, she looked more like Tom Cruise's mother, or even grandmother. In 'Top Gun,' she was also older than Tom, but not quite as much as a grandmother.