Fintiba - ReYep
You'll hardly have time to brew a cup of tea because in just three days, that 'blocked account' is unblocked, and your invitation to the financial party is delivered right to your digital doorstep.

A quick pit stop – my bank charged 10 Euro for the swift fee, while the intermediary bank added a dash of flair with a 40-euro transfer fee. The transfer, kicked off on a Friday, slid into your blocked account parking spot in less than a day, just in time for the weekend.

Here's the plot twist – once your visa's approved, you play the starring role by uploading the PDF result onto the stage. Next act? Sharing your German bank's IBAN number, a magical incantation that sets the wheels in motion. (Pro tip: You'll need an official address/contract to land this role)

Brace for the home stretch – after enrolling in your city*, you'll relive the thrill of receiving mail with your tax number. This time, though, the finale involves you uploading it all over again and sending a final form like the grand finale in a fireworks show.

Just like Mercedes engine, the monthly transfer arrives, the artificial intelligence behind it ensures it's on time, every time. You can even customize the show – pick the exact day you want your financial fireworks to light up.