At the end we will all die. - ReYep
We are all living, organic creatures. We are created and we will stop living one day. This is % 100 fact. There is no known creature ever existed that did not die.
It is a situation where nearly 8 billion people in the world will die within a hundred years at the latest. I think everyone should relax.

meanwhile it would be much more annoying than if we were never going to die
We are all a form of infinite energy. Every born will surely die. Although it is desirable not to die at all, the taste of life actually lies in our being mortal.

Did not you understand ? Everything would be so boring if we never die and know that we will never die.
We think that birds, ants, cows, horses and camels do not know that they will die, but how do we know that they do not know? After leaving this issue aside, we know how we lead a different life from other animals?

Except me, at least I wrote these here. If you want to leave the herd, you can write too, but being a Reyep author is not that easy.

(bkz:What it takes to be a Reyep author)