anarcho primitivism - ReYep
Kevin Duffy - Children of the Forest:

"The mbuti have neither domesticated any animals nor cultivated crops. non-farming communities have achieved a very sane combination of hard work and material abundance. The mbuti believe that with a satisfying experience of the present moment, the past and the future will take care of themselves. They do not live with memories and They don't care about counting birthdays and ages."

john bodley -1976:

He discovered that the yellow bushmen living in the kalahari desert work less than the farming tribes living around them. In fact, during various droughts, the farming tribes have to resort to the yellow communities. The san work surprisingly little and spend most of their time entertaining. Lauren van der Post describes the exuberant laughter of the San people: "a gut-wrenching laugh that you will never hear among civilized people." Truswell saw the same vitality in another yellow human who survived an unarmed fight with a leopard. Although he was injured, he killed the animal with his bare hands.

lido cipriani- the andaman islanders:

"The natives of Andan Island in western Thailand are leaderless and have not domesticated any animals. There is no aggression, disease or violence among them. Their wounds heal surprisingly quickly. Their eyesight and hearing are sharp. He has allegedly seen 10-15 year old children who can bend nails with their teeth. He has seen bees to collect honey from bees. They don't need any protective clothing to be protected."

He also mentions in Darwin's research notes that the natives of South America near the poles wander half-naked in the freezing cold.