14 may 2022 new york buffalo shooting attack - Reyep
It is the event that an 18-year-old white teenager opened fire in a black market in the city of Buffalo in the USA and killed 10 people.

the guy broadcasts the attack on twitch.

Gunman Kills 10 at Buffalo Supermarket in Racist Attack.

President Biden called for a thorough investigation, and said there was no harbor for “hate-filled domestic terrorism.” The 18-year-old white gunman, who pleaded not guilty, left behind a manifesto.

Gunman Kills 10 at Buffallo New York
It is an attack by an 18-year-old neo-Nazi by going to a black-dominated supermarket with the reaction of "immigrants are taking over us" and killing 10 random black people.

The aggressor explained his motivations in his manifesto:

We are under immigration attack. blacks will take our jobs and become the majority.

- I have no problem with blacks living in Africa, but all who come to these lands are invaders.

- even the innocent black walking down the street; He is my enemy because he will give birth to a child and steal my child's future.

- I believe there are differences between races.
I don't know how many gun attacks on these black friends. But this won't be the last (unfortunately). What I don't understand is why don't blacks retaliate against whites who constantly kill themselves with gunfire? Why do they take such events so calmly?