will smith slaps chris rock at the oscars - ReYep
Will Smith appears to slap Chris Rock during the #Oscars after a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. Uncensored clips from international TV are floating around. Smith told Rock to keep his wife's name out of his mouth.


After the slap Chis Rock said that it was the greatest night in the history of television.
When you check the comments, it seems like, chris used to make jokes about will smith's wife before. Af far as i read Jada has a disease ( ringworm ) and this joke made about her baldness made Will jump to the stage and slap on his face. Expressions like never mentioning my wife's name are woven (with clear F words two times) from Will's mouth again.

Chris tries to handle the situation by saying things like :
- I am not going to ! and
- this is the greatest night in the history of television.
% 99 fiction .

1. First Will is sitting just the place where he can stand up and reach Chris in a few seconds .
2. We goes and punches (that is not a slap entry title is wrong i guess.) returns so easily.
3. No one else jumps to the stage to do anything about the punch .
4. Chris is so cool and relax.
5. There are many camera shooting the show. I could only find one angle shot and it is zoom outed.
6. They made a history . Everyone wants to put a mark on history.
7. Will and Chris both will have a larger salary on their next movie.
8. Everyone seems so happy including Will's wife.

I can continue but these are enough.

Edit : Yes it seems like a slap not a punch. My bad.
Will smith once said they were in a open relation with his wife. Here is the link to the article about their open marriage . It seems like openness does not cover some bad jokes.

By the way it is % 100 fiction.

Adding to realax,

9. No sound is heard at the hit time. If you think the number of mics on Chris, we should definitely hear some kind of noise at the time when Will's hand meets Chris' face.
10 . Chris rocks waits will to hit his face. He even sticks his head a little and waits.

I do not understand people saying this is not a fiction.
I condemn the author who attributes the event to the man's open relationship. I wonder what kind of relevance he created about the subjects.

By the way, Will apologized. . I'm so emotional I'm going to cry !

I also think it's mise-en-scene. Decreased interest in Oscar awards. There is a lot of money to be made. You can't leave that much money on one slap, there are millions even billions of dollars, it can't be that simple.
What happened that night was basically Hollywood's self-critique on steroids.

On that fateful evening, after chuckling at the host's joke, Will Smith should have strolled over and high-fived him, but instead, he went for a plot twist by slapping him silly, right there during the commercial break. No need for drama, just escort him out of the venue like he's the star of a reality show. And, of course, the Academy should've given Will Smith the 'Almost Oscar,' the runner-up prize, right in the middle of the ceremony. An Academy rep could've casually stepped onto the stage, declaring that violence is a big no-no. Will Smith could've then apologized the next day with a peace offering involving a ping pong match against Chris Rock. Case closed! But nope, the Academy and the Hollywood bigwigs couldn't muster up a response that night, instead, they handed him the 'Best Actor in a Punchy Performance' award. The next day, when they got their wits together, they probably regretted not going all "Whack-a-Will" on him.

Here are two more scenarios to ponder:

Firstly, Chris Rock's joke was, like, as harmless as a kitten with a feather duster. Hasn't Will Smith ever attended an American stand-up comedy show? Those comedians there drop more bombs than an action movie! And let's not forget Ricky Gervais; he's hosted events multiple times, roasting celebrities like marshmallows on a campfire, and nobody even blinked.

Secondly, what if Chris Rock were white instead of black? How would that have played out? Or imagine if Will Smith were white, for a change. Food for thought, folks!