The Valentine Who Did not Buy a Valentine's Day Gift - ReYep
Everyone has a different way of showing their love in life. The way people show their love differs according to their values. For many people today, including myself, Valentine's Day is not an important value. Because many people think that Valentine's Day is a situation that big companies use to increase their sales. I do not think it is necessary for people to buy gifts on Valentine's Day. Because love is something that spans 365 days, not just one day. I prefer to buy a gift because I feel like it, rather than buying a gift because it is Valentine's Day. Likewise, I do not want to be bought gifts for me because it is Valentine's Day. If the person in front of me is going to buy a gift, I want him to receive a gift because he feels like it. Moreover, being dissatisfied with the gift received recently, valuing the price rather than the meaning of the gift, has reached its peak. People give gifts on Valentine's Day just to share on social media. They are in the race who bought the most expensive gift. For this reason, if a valentine who does not receive a gift on Valentine's Day is our discussion topic here, I can say that I am that person. And it is not because of my lack of love. On the contrary, it is because my love is much higher than that.
People nowadays look for a purpose in everything. But I think everyone should buy a gift for their lover on Valentine's Day. Already in our busy lives, sometimes we can't find time to tell the person we love that we love them. While Valentine's Day will be instrumental in this, why not? Sometimes we really need a reminder or an occasion due to the busyness of our lives. There is nothing more natural than this. It also does not hurt that people are full of love for just one day out of 365, while so many bad things happen in the world. Personally, I smell love in the air when Valentine's Day approaches. And in this world where war and hostilities are so intense, I like to experience this atmosphere, even if it is just one day of the year. For this reason, I think it should not be a valentine who does not receive a gift on Valentine's Day. Everyone should find a way to tell the person they love that they love him. If you do not want to be a slave to the capitalist system, you can strive for it in the remaining 364 days. But if you want the best of everything, constantly work for a better car or a better house, and only put forward the capitalist system when it comes to Valentine's Day, it does not make any sense. On the contrary, it shows that you are avoiding showing your love to the person you love. Also, on this day that everyone celebrates with their lover, your lover will feel worse.
He is a lover who has not got tricked by global imperialism. He's aware that the whole order revolved only on consumption. This guy does not exchange his true love for money.