The terrorist attack in Tel Aviv on March 29, 2022 - ReYep
Third terrorist attack in a week. They are trying to somehow confuse Gaza in Ramadan.

It was reported that the attacker killed 5 people, and that the targeted people were random civilians from the street. My guess is that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks last week and hundreds of previous ones.
In some of the images, the attacker is trying to ruthlessly kill passers-by. luckily there are survivors, despite being very closely aimed.

According to the news, there are 3 terrorists who organized the actions, one of them escaped.
killed are Israeli civilians. Israel will most likely counterattack to avenge this.

Ramadan starts 3 days later on Saturday. The Palestinian side will then make a fuss that Israel is attacking innocent Muslims in Ramadan.

Earlier, a Palestinian terrorist had entered the house of an Israeli family during their dinner and stabbed 3 people to death.