starting over with an ex - Reyep
It is nearly obvious that, there were certain mistakes on both sides. First of all, mistakes must be admitted. Apologies should be made. But just apologizing is not enough. It is necessary to face the mistakes.

It doesn't matter if one side is more at fault than the other. Both sides need to change. (Actually, people don't change much)

If a separation has taken place, both sides certainly have a role in it. Whose idea is it to get back together? If the answer to this question is only one name, this will not work. The answer to this question must be "both of us".

It is important whether both sides saw this separation as an opportunity for development . If only one side is forcing themselves, this will not work. Again, there is no balance.

If you think that the other side should change, regret it, come fall at my feet, beg me, and then we will make up, this will not work.

This job should be a team work, even just two people are not enough, the people around should also support this issue.