start of war between serbia and kosovo - ReYep
It's like a high-budget, next-gen action movie. Unfortunately possible situation (i hope it doesn't happen). Serb troops are approaching the Kosovo border for two days.
We used to say that Russia would not enter Ukraine, but unfortunately it did. And now the world does not do much about it. Unfortunately, I cannot say that such a thing will not happen. The probability is low but it is still an probability. There is no reason for it not to occur. If it does, it means we've welcome to the 3rd world war.
Albania and Croatia became NATO members in 2009, Montenegro in 2017 and Macedonia in 2020 became NATO members.

Negotiations continue between Kosovo and NATO.

Turkey, Albania, England and Afghanistan are also among the first countries to recognize Kosovo. Greece, the Republic of Cyprus, Serbia and Russia have declared that they will not recognize the independence of Kosovo. According to them, Kosovo is still an autonomous region under Serbia.

kosovo wants the us to establish a permanent military base in kosovo.

Putin wants to spread the war to the Balkans with his orthodox Slavic brotherhood, so he recently threatened Bosnia.
Neither the US nor the EU will give up on Kosovo and Bosnia.

And the story continues.
According to UN laws and map, there is no state called kosovo, it is the land of serbia. If this tend to happen, I really wonder how the UN react ?

Let's go 23 years back, to March 99 (Exactly 24 March 1999 ) Nato bombing Yugoslavia