punching the window v.s. throwing the phone at the wall - ReYep
The phone will be very expensive. punching the window is fine. Your hand will return to normal in 2-3 weeks, you may need to pretend to be an accident to cover the treatment costs from the insurance. There is a possibility that you may have permanent scars on your hands, you may look at that day and experience the same relief over and over again. I recommend the cheap method (Important warning, I do not recommend both, if you have to choose one, choose the cheap one)
A small scratch that may occur when you break the glass with your hand can make you unable to use any phone again. You can work and get the most expensive phone again, but your permanently damaged hand (if you're lucky) can leave scars that you will never forget for your whole life.
We are not in the old days, now phones cost hundreds of dollars. If anything happens to my phone, I will be very upset afterwards. I cannot ignore a serious financial loss for a moment's relief. But I think it would be better to break the glass with a stone, etc. instead of your hand.If you are really insist on breaking to glass. Or what should we do if we try to be calm somehow? Say what ? I recommend meditation. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, repeat this 10 times, both the phone, your good hand, and the window glass.