Pulitzer Prize - ReYep
The Pulitzer Prize is an annual award given out by Columbia University in recognition of excellence in journalism, literature, and musical composition in the United States. The criteria for winning a Pulitzer Prize varies depending on the category, but generally, it is awarded to work that demonstrates exceptional merit and is considered to be a significant contribution to the field.

In journalism, prizes are awarded in categories such as investigative reporting, explanatory reporting, local reporting, national reporting, international reporting, feature writing, commentary, criticism, editorial writing, and editorial cartooning.

In literature, prizes are awarded in categories such as fiction, drama, history, biography, poetry, and general nonfiction.

In music, the prize is awarded for a distinguished musical composition of significant dimension by an American that has had its first performance in the United States during the year of the award.

All entries must be original, previously unpublished or broadcasted during the calendar year of the award, and of course, in the case of the journalism categories, must have been published or broadcasted in the United States.