Privacy Policy - Reyep
We have created our privacy policy to inform you about the protection of your personal data when accessing and using reyep through our website ("reyep") and the applications we publish, within the framework of the requirements under the relevant international legislation.

If you visit and use reyep without having an account on reyep or logging into your account, it will automatically display the transaction date, time, IP addresses and port information, notification token, session data, pages you view, visit times, location, browser model. Data on the language and the model of your device are obtained and stored anonymously.
Nick, username, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, entry, comment under entry, message, problematic, problematic answer, preferences, facebook account and profile picture in that account, twitter account, instagram account and o Your profile picture, image, profile picture, entry voting, favorite and subscription data in the account are stored. In addition, automatically, transaction date, time, IP addresses and port information, moderation history, session data, login platform (web or application), pages you view, notification token, visit duration, location, browser model and language, device model your data is obtained. Except for the transaction date, time, IP addresses, port information and moderation history, your automatically obtained data are stored anonymously. The data you provide directly listed in this paragraph and your moderation history are kept unless your account is deleted. If the account is not deleted, but the entry, problematic, problematic answer or comment under the entry written by the account owner or by us is deleted; The relevant content continues to be stored for another 3 years from the date of deletion.

Within the scope of the relevant law, transaction date, time, IP addresses and port information are kept for legal periods.

Your personal data is never shared with third parties, except in cases where it is obligatory to forward it to the competent authorities in accordance with the duly requests from the competent authorities. We may share your data anonymously with 3rd parties for measurement and analysis, advertising and targeting purposes.

reyep may contain links to other websites that are not subject to our privacy policy. We recommend that you review the privacy policies of other websites before sharing your data.
Cookies and similar items may be placed on your browser during your stay at reyep.

Updates in our privacy policy are notified to users with a reyep account. If you do not have a reyep account, we recommend that you periodically review our privacy policy.

Our privacy policy was updated on 22.01.2022.