New Tinder feature "Blind Date" - ReYep
users are chatting before they're able to view each other's profiles.

"Blind Date" today's daters way to put their personality first and truly match. Tinder said
I think it's an unnecessary feature. Why should I chat without seeing your photos? Isn't that the purpose of the app anyway?
I think this feature will work. more geared towards character matching. In this case, there is no self-confidence problem.
It is said that the feature is only available in the U.S. for now but it will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks.
So 90's. I don't think newbees will use this ever. They are all expressing themselves they do not want to be blind. They won't like not to be seen. So this feature seems like will be used by 50+ 60+ grannies. It is said "They’ll then enter a timed chat, not knowing anything about each other except their answers to the multiple-choice questions." Ohh no!