june 24, 2022 us supreme court decision - ReYep
The Conservative-majority (6-3) supreme court in the 50-year precedent protecting women's right to abortion, roe v. overturned the decision of the wade case today.
Before this decision, the democrats tried to integrate Roe into the constitution in the Senate, but they were unsuccessful as 60 votes were required.

this means that abortion laws in the US are now left to the discretion of the states.
republican-controlled states will pass laws banning abortion (some states will even outlaw abortion in the case of rape), while democratic-controlled states will not ban abortion, but will expand abortion rights. women will have to go to democratic states to have abortion anyway.
A few republican states will not have abortion bans, such as Maryland's governor, Larry Hogan. He says he will not ban abortion, although he describes himself as anti-abortion.
Roe's corruption also paved the way for the lawsuits guaranteeing same-sex marriage and birth control to be broken. clarence thomas (he is a conservative), one of the supreme court judges, says these cases should be looked at again.
I still have a hard time perceiving a system that tries to force her to deliver a baby she can't take care of or simply doesn't want.

We know that even in the wild, some mother animals eat their own weak offspring to increase the chances of other children surviving.

We are mammals, no matter how much we have evolved, we still hunt animals that are weaker than us, trying to protect ourselves from others.

It is absurd that such a thing as the right to abortion is being discussed in this century. caring for a person, raising him, giving up his own life completely. Do you think it is easy to be ready for this psychologically and financially?