itzhak perlman - ReYep
In 1975, Perlman began teaching at the Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music in New York and also served as a faculty member at the Juilliard School, where he had previously received his education.

Itzhak Perlman's extraordinary talent, poise, generous nature, and warm interaction with the audience have made him one of the world's most popular musicians. He has frequently appeared on American television both as a performer and commentator.

While Perlman has a special passion for the Romantic Period in music, his vast repertoire extends from Baroque to Contemporary compositions. In addition to classical music, he has collaborated with his friend André Previn and Oscar Peterson in other music genres such as jazz and ragtime.

Despite having to perform in a wheelchair due to his medical condition, Perlman continues to inspire all musicians with his remarkable talent and deep love for music.