Far-right leader Meloni claims her victory in Italy elections September 26, 2022 - ReYep
According to the results of the general elections in Italy, it was realized by Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party (FDI), which emerged as the first party.

The democratic party has declared that they have accepted defeat and will be in the main opposition.
In the past, the Italian people suffered a lot from the far-right maniacs, and they even seemed to turn from their mistakes by hanging one of these maniacs by their feet, but it seems that it was not enough for the education of the people on the harms of the far right.
That's what would expected to happen after so many uncontrolled and shoddy (let me explain this later) migrations. Everyone wants to live among those who are alike. When those who are not like themselves lose the peace, when there are fights, especially when they start to earn the money that they would have , the local ones want those who are not from us to leave.
If history repeats itself, this right-wing trend will spread to other countries. And then ... Everyone knows the rest ...
It's easy to be a humanist when all business is in the right place, but hunger and lack of security can drive people to the poles.