Dressing Trendy Or Dressing Offbeat? - Reyep
Of course, anyone can dress however they want. But I will always be a person who advocates for fashionable dressing. People may think that when everyone dresses fashionably, everyone will look the same. But this is quite a misconception. If everyone interprets the trend clothes of the season according to their own taste, many different images will emerge. I also like to buy trendy new season clothes and blend them with my own style. And I think that's what everyone should do. Fashion always changes. This is a pretty normal thing. For this reason, there is no harm in keeping up with this flow. In fact, the fact that people prefer new season clothes gives me the impression that those people take care of themselves much more. Being original is not something that can be achieved by not dressing fashionably. People can also look original by choosing fashionable clothes. Because there is more than one outfit in a combination. And many different combinations emerge. What you need to do is to combine the clothes according to your own style. You can make a sweater both sporty and stylish. You can wear a dress with both sneakers and heels. In this way, you can blend trendy clothes with your own style. So, you can get different images with the new season trend clothes. Also, an outfit does not look the same on everyone. For this reason, you can get different images even if you wear the same clothes.
I think people should not stick to fashion. Everyone should create their own style according to their own taste and character. And he should make his clothing choices in line with these preferences. Nowadays, everyone wants to buy new season products. And that makes a lot of people look the same. People's characters and tastes are not evident when they dress fashionably. However, if everyone chooses clothes according to their own taste, everyone's personality will be understood by their clothes. For this reason, people should not choose their clothes according to fashion. When I'm shopping for clothes, I don't prefer the big brands that everyone is shopping for. Because these brands sell clothes according to the trend of that season. The important thing for me is to find clothes that appeal to my style and personality. And in this way, I get a different image from everyone else. Although oversized clothes are very fashionable, I prefer to wear fit clothes. And that makes me look different from other people. This is a very logical situation for me. It is always better to dress differently than to be trendy. In addition, clothing trends change in all four seasons. If you want to dress according to the trends, you need to be in a constant consumption. And that wouldn't be a sensible move for sustainability. While the world has aged so much, people should give importance to recycling and stay away from consumption. This alone is an important reason to dress fashionably. And when it comes to dressing in a way that reflects your own character and personality, the choice you need to make is quite simple.