date that bitcoin will evanescence - ReYep
As an experienced economist, especially on money and capital markets, I say that; it won't take end of 2023 for cryptocurrencies to disappear completely.

This era of crypto markets takes its place in the history books as the biggest financial quackery in history.

BTC is currently around $21,000. My guess is that the actual heist would be between $10-20k. because there are millions of poor or greedy people in the world who dream of buying at that level and becoming rich. The main hit will be in that range. In the range of 0-10,000 dollars, they rob the last group that they could not rob until that day and end the profiteering.
People like @flyingrookie can't see people who make money from bitcoin and can't get into the idea that "you can't make money without working like a slave" and they are incredibly uncomfortable instinctively.
In general, for one to gain without working, one other must work extra instead of him. If a value comes into existence out of nothing, it means there is a problem here.