boris johnson wandering the streets of Kyiv - Reyep
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seen with Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelenski in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, where he went to meet and support. In the images shared by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Boris Johnson, who made some examinations among the intense security measures and greeted the public, announced that he would offer a new military and financial support package to Ukraine during his meeting with Zelenski.

he seems like just cruising around the beauties of the capital. I've been wondering lately if he's ever been hanging around like that on the streets of London.
Everyone was saying that the russian army is about to take over kiev, soon Kyiv will become a russian city? Ukraine was making it up? He was playing with perception by showing a tank he exploded from 50 angles? Zelensky had fled to Poland on the first day of the war?

As you can see Kyiv has been completely cleared of Russian invaders. Russian fans will condemn me now, but oh well. everything is obvious