Account Deletion - Reyep
As part of its normal daily operations, ("reyep") collects and stores records of many types in a variety of different formats. The relative importance and sensitivity of these records also varies and is subject to Reyep’s security classification scheme.

Reyep has implemented systems, applications and procedures to minimize the risks of loss, destruction, falsification, unauthorised access and unauthorised release, and a range of controls are used to ensure this, including backups, access control and encryption.

Reyep must comply with all the legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements which apply to its collection, storage, retrieval and destruction of records, in particular such records which contain personal data.

This policy applies to cases where a customer has decided to stop using the Reyep application, and the various types of data that have been accumulated in the Reyep app and platform and processed by Reyep on such customer’s behalf should be deleted as requested by such customer.

This policy defines how this data would be deleted, and what the customer can do to retrieve the data before its deletion.

Deletion Process
If you are an individual with an account in Reyep, your Just contact Reyep at . Your account and all data related your activity on reyep will be terminated and will not be recovered on any purpose.

Disposal/Destruction Policy
Destruction is defined as physical or technical destruction, sufficient to render the information contained in the records irretrievable by ordinary commercially available means.
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